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Sports Enhancement


I have worked with many successful people from various sports including Great Britain Rowing Squad members, Indoor Rowing World Record Holders, Pro Cyclists and Football Managers.


Coaching can have a profound affect on the performance of any athlete and the mind is an incredibly powerful tool if trained properly. Areas that can be addressed include focus, visualisation, motivation, self reflection and performing under pressure . Psychology coaching can help in all areas of sporting performance and at the top level is normally the differentiator where small margins are the difference between winning and losing.


Sports enhancement is an ongoing program and to truly excell the mind needs continual training just like physical muscles. So whether your a weekend golfer who wants to sharpen up their game or a top class athlete striving for medals then get in touch to see how coaching can empower you to success.


I also offer scientific training plans for running and cycling using the world leading Training Peaks software. This can either be a one off block for a specific period of training or an ongoing and highly bespoke engagement to acheieve a goal.


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